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Seasons Change, Things Change

Jeesh, have I been busy? Yis yis. Okay, first I went to Montreal last weekend with the computer club, it was a total blast. We apparently read the advertisements wrong, we thought we were supposed to drink Canada dry... <.<

Did you know adding "Drunken" onto the name of any game instantly increases the fun factor of the game? Also, that the average person performs better at DDR and Smash Bros. Melee while drunk? We didn't until then. And whoa, what's with Canadian currency? Dollar coins are called Loonies, and apparently Two Dollar coins are called Toonies. Looney Toonies... Toonies... scared... kitten o.o

Okay, what I REALLY want to address today.


10. If you take a long time to order, tip your Barista, they were patient, considering you have 15 people standing behind you!

9. Clean up after yourself, it's a cafe, not a restaurant.

8. The bathroom is the publics, please do not ruin it.

7. If you don't know the coffee shop names for sizes, just say small medium or large, it saves confusion.

6. Please please please just Come in to get your coffee and go when the shopping center is closing, sitting around, knowing the staff can't ask you to leave only delays the overworked and underpaid baristas from closing the store.

5. Ask questions, do not assume the answers and walk up disspointed becasue you didn't think to ask first.

4. Remember your order, we only make what you tell us with your voice, we can;t read your mind.

3. If we make a drink wrong, tell us! We're more then happy to fix it right then and there, it's wasted energy not enjoying your drink and then complaining about it to corprate.

2. Speak the same langauge everyone else is. People simply assume if you need to talk to your buddy in Japanese while everyone else speaks english, that you're making fun of them. It's rude and it's annoying as heck.

1. If you do not know what you want to order, ask questions, tell us what you want in your own words, we'll try and find you a match, pretending you know what your doing only annoys us and eventually you when you end up looking the fool. We don;t want that. Please, just ask questions.

...There, a testimony of a Starbuck's worker working in a store that serves people from all over the world, daily. Remember you Barista. ;.;

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